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Directories are a most useful source of information about family members. Entries are divided into two categories - Private Residents and Commercial. Generally speaking, Private Residents owned their own property, and unless they were women, were eligible to vote. Do not expect to find many Stentiford in this category - instead, explore the Commercial listings. These came from Kelly's Directory of Devonshire for 1914:



Roy Hayter wrote about James Stentiford - a well-known Ilfracombe character - in Issue 13. Holiday-making by the seaside was well-established by 1914 and many people offered rooms to let  in their own houses during the summer season, creating cheaper and less formal accommodation than that offered by hotels.


Morchard Bishop

Arthur belonged to that enormous family of James and Lucy Stentiford which we first met as far back as Issue 1.

He was the twelfth of 14 children and was born in Morchard Bishop in April 1891. When he was 33, he married Elsie Pierce in Morchard Bishop on 25 Jan 1925. He died in 1965 in the Worthing area aged 74.


Sampford Courtenay

There were still Stentifords in Sampford Courtenay in 1914! In the 1891 census  we find John who was the son of William Stentiford and Sarah Fewings and was born in 1843 in Sampford Courtenay.

John described himself as a Fellmonger - someone who removes hair from hides in the leather industry. It was his wife Eliza who originally kept a little shop in the village. By 1901, aged 57 he was described as a whip and thong manufacturer. We believe he died in 1907 aged 63 and that nobody thought to cancel his Directory Entry!


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