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In Issue 37, we wrote about Kingsbridge which is in an area of Devon known as the South Hams. This has always been a notoriously difficult place in which to research family history because so many of the parishes around Kingsbridge have not been included in the IGI. The good news is that DFHS have begun to publish information from the parish registers in booklet form - the bad news is that this is a project which going to take  a long time to complete because it covers such a wide area.




We listed the contiguous parishes of Kingsbridge in that Issue but, travelling just 3 miles along the Plymouth road out of Kingsbridge brings us to the village of Aveton* Gifford  - and another batch of contiguous parishes, some of which are also contiguous to Kingsbridge!

They are, in no particular order:

Modbury (The IGI has births and marriages up to 1837 only)

Loddiswell (Not in the IGI at all)

Churchstow (Not in the IGI at all)

Thurlestone (Not in the IGI at all)

Bigbury (Not in the IGI at all)

Kingston  (Not in the IGI at all)

(Strictly speaking this is a Chapelry not a parish)


Over a period of some three hundred years, the Ugborough Stentifords moved throughout the South Hams in their search for work. For anyone using a computer to do research, they are practically invisible - except for the rare instances when somebody  has taken the trouble to transcribe a census and publish it.


We can start in Aveton Gifford with the 1841 census, a transcription of which appears in a very useful website:



It opens with a list of file names headed INDEX. It looks a little complicated but you will soon learn the author's system and find the files you want.  For now, select G~FFA41 and the Aveton Gifford 1841 transcription will appear. Scroll down to find


STENTIFORD, Edwin, M, 09m, , Y, Village, 14023
STENTIFORD, Elizabeth, F, 02y, , Y, Village, 14023
STENTIFORD, Jane, F, 25y, , Y, Village, 14023
STENTIFORD, Jane, F, 04y, , Y, Village, 14023
STENTIFORD, Thomas, M, 30y, Shoemaker, Y, Village, 14023


(14023 being the number allocated by the transcriber to that particular entry for reference purposes and Y being the "yes" answer to the question "Were you born in the County?")


St. Andrew's Church, Aveton Gifford

St. Andrew's Church, Aveton Gifford

(The original was destroyed by bombing 26 January 1943)

Rebuilding of an amended version of the original was completed in 1957 but the new tower had to be lowered in 1970


*Formerly pronounced "Awton Gifford" -  a version sometimes used in documents such as census returns.


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