James Thomas William Stentiford Kellard

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Doreen Norton writes:

I was asked if I would carry out some further research for one of our American cousins and this is a case of one wishing one had started doing Family History a lot earlier - the daughters of James Kellard were still alive when we moved to the Hampshire coast and were living only a mile away from us!


Portsmouth harbour c.1905

Portsmouth Harbour c.1905

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Thomas Ball Stentiford* (Shipwright)

Son of John Stentiford and Jane Ball of Churchstow

ba 12 Jul 1789 Churchstow

m 7 Aug 1812 Dartmouth, Townstal

d ?

Martha Sartin Bates 

Daughter of Thomas Bates and Mary Ward Burnet of Dartmouth

ba 24 Nov 1786 Dartmouth, Townstal

m 7 Aug 1812 Dartmouth, Townstal

d 1864 Mar Stoke Damerel aged 78

Mary Anne ba 1 Aug 1813 Stoke Damerel m 24 Sep 1845 Stoke Damerel d 1881 Dec Stoke Damerel aged 68 James Thomas Kellard
Harriet Ball b Feb 1815 bu 13 Aug 1815 Stoke Damerel aged 6m NI
William Bates ba 9 Jun 1816 Stoke Damerel bu 3 Jul 1816 Stoke Damerel aged 1m NI
George Henry ba 18 Jul 1817 Stoke Damerel m ? d ? ?
William Bates b 29 May 1819 Stoke Damerel bu 19 Jan 1820 aged 8m NI
Selena Harriet b May 1824 Stoke Damerel bu 16 Jan 1825 Stoke Damerel aged 8m NI


I began to trace the ancestors of James Thomas William Stentiford from the date of the marriage of Mary Ann Stentiford to James Thomas Kellard on 24 Sep 1845. Mary Ann's father was a shipwright and her family lived in Dock (see Issue 21). By the time of the 1851 census, Thomas Stentiford had died and her widowed mother, then aged 63, was earning her living as a grocer.

There were Kellards in Dock at this time and until recently it was thought that this was where James Thomas Kellard was born - certainly it was what he told the census enumerator in 1851. But in the 1871 census, he said he was a British Citizen and gave his birthplace as Halifax, Nova Scotia where there were also families with the name of Kellard at the time of his birth in or around 1819. However, by 1881, he was again claiming to have been born in Devonport, formerly called Dock!


*The names of the members of this family are variously spelt Stentiford, Stentaford and Stenteford at different times.


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