Henry Stentiford and Emily Ann Snell

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In Issue 29, Doreen Norton wrote about Thomas Stentiford's War Record which she researched at Kew and her subsequent interview with his son Victor Stentiford. In her article, she mentioned Thomas's parents Henry and Emily Ann Stentiford who she revisits in this Issue to meet the rest of the family.


Henry Stentiford


ba 30 Sep 1856 Chawleigh

m 20 Jul 1878 Chawleigh

d 2 Oct 1931 Chawleigh (aged 75)

Emily Ann Snell


b 1860 Chawleigh

m 20 Jul 1878 Chawleigh

bu  15 Oct 1938 Chawleigh (aged 78)


Eva Emily

ba 4 Nov 1878 Chawleigh    d 1879 Mar Chawleigh (aged 0)

No Issue

ba 7 Dec 1879 Chawleigh    m 21 Apr 1900 Chawleigh d ?

John Couch
Ethel Maud

b 1881 Dec St Thomas (Kenn) m 5 Feb 1905 Chawleigh d ?

Sidney Charles Smith
Edith Maria

b 1883 Sep Buckfastleigh  m 7 May 1904 Chawleigh d ?                             

Fred Smith

b 1886 Buckfastleigh m ? d ?

Frederick George

b 1888 Lapford m 3 Jan 1912 Lapford d ?

Ann Maria Goult

b 1895 Chawleigh m 1919 Brixton d ?

Doris Jessie Winch


You do have to be careful when researching family history. Two boys named Henry Stentiford were born in the same year - 1856 -  one being registered in the September Quarter, the other in the December Quarter at the same Register Office - Crediton. Both married in the same year - 1878 - and again, both events were registered at Crediton, one in the September Quarter, the other in the December Quarter. Their deaths were registered in the December Quarters of 1930 and 1931 at Crediton and although they lived just a few miles apart for much of their lives, it is doubtful if they ever met.


In a case like this, you must constantly use other evidence such as church records and census returns to support your research  and help you work out which GRO registration number belongs to which person. In this Henry's case, his tombstone clinched matters. It gave his age, it named his wife and it gave her age too. The "other" Henry" came from nearby Morchard Bishop and was married to Mary Webber. There is a photo of his weathered and much-shaded tombstone in Issue 1 if you care to look back.

Doreen Norton


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